Kathy has been passionate about photography since she was small, and is never without her camera on her travels.

Photography orders fulfilled by FineArtAmerica/Pixels. Options for each image include art prints, canvas wraps, jigsaw puzzles, phone greeting cards, phone cases and more.

Blog Posts

  • New Digs
    Welcome to my website. I’ve left some of my very old blog posts here for continuity, but all the non-blog information on these pages is current and up-to-date. As I … Read more
  • Falkland
    Falkland is one of my favourite places in Fife. It’s a gorgeous little village, for one thing, and the people in it are lovely. Every single local Ive ever met … Read more
  • Hello from Scotland
    By this time of night, my body still reminds me that it started the wake-up process at 4am thanks to minor lingering jet lag, so this will just be a … Read more
  • Scotland Photos
    A few people have been asking me to see photos of my trip to Scotland in May. I flew to Edinburgh, and from there worked my way up to Elgin, … Read more
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