25 Things… a most excellent post by Chuck Wendig

I started writing my own New Year’s post today – happy new year, by the way – but got interrupted by life. It’ll get done, but until then, if you’re a writer, especially if you’re one who’s struggling right now, go read this. You may already have seen it, because it’s come to me from… Continue reading 25 Things… a most excellent post by Chuck Wendig

On Balance

It’s a new year of sorts, for me. In my world, September has always seemed like the start of a new year, even more than January 1, no doubt because from the time I was old enough for preschool, September marked the start of a new school year, first as an elementary school student, then… Continue reading On Balance

Back from Away

Well, not away, exactly, but I was offline over the holidays, and am playing catch up today. Apparently not everyone went offline for a few days when I did; there’s a lot of stuff out there to catch up on! Happy new year! I’m excited about 2010. Ten months from now marks my first Surrey… Continue reading Back from Away

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