Sunday Morning Musing

Musing this Sunday morning about the fact that no matter how hard I try to pack it all in, there will never be enough hours to

spend with the people I care about

spend alone

write all the books I want to write

read all the books I want to read

travel to all the places I want to go

learn all the things I want to learn

stop and admire all the views


see all the art, watch all the movies, listen to all the music

explore all the nooks and crannies

hang out and do nothing

have all the conversations I want to have

and so much more.

Suddenly, that big pile of laundry I’d planned to do today seems a whole lot less important. Except, of course, for the problem of not wanting to do most of those things naked…

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  1. Haha! Yes, clothes are good! 😉 This is a great post. There is so very much that is worth putting in our lives, and we must be content–happy, even– with putting only SOME of it in.

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