Perspective and Inspiration


I've been sick this week, with the sort of chesty, sinus-y, feverish bug that knocks you flat and makes simply breathing enough of a challenge that working is out of the question. By yesterday, five

Ballads and Love Songs


My current favourite playlist on my iPod is one I've labelled "mellow". It's a wide-ranging list in terms of styles and genres of music, but all the songs have in common that they are neither

Taking Time Out


Last week, a rare opportunity arose for me to get away by myself for a few days. It was perfect timing for a change of scene, so I grabbed it, leaving the city behind for

Living Out Loud


I happen to be one of the lucky winners of the parent lottery. I'm not sure if I've ever talked here about my mum, but in case I haven't, she's the kind of person who

Weekend Wanders


How did it get to be Tuesday already? Here in BC, we've just come out of a much-needed, welcome long weekend, and I don't really know how it disappeared so quickly. But of course it

Letter Month Guest Post


Have you signed up for the Month of Letters yet? The delightful Mary Robinette Kowal's annual letter writing challenge kicks off tomorrow. Check it out here: Today, I have a guest post on the Month of

Sunday Morning Musing


Musing this Sunday morning about the fact that no matter how hard I try to pack it all in, there will never be enough hours to spend with the people I care about spend alone

New Year, New Schedule


Happy new year! It's taken me this long to settle in to my regular routine again after the holidays, and I'm not sure I'm there even yet. But I'm working on it. I'm not a

Happy Christmas


Whatever you celebrate and however you spend the holidays, I wish you joy, hope, wonder, and great reading material now and every day. See you in the new year!