A New Year, A New Challenge

For all but four years of my life (my own first two and my daughter’s), this day, the Tuesday following Labour Day, has marked the beginning of a new school year in our house. I went straight through from preschool to elementary school to high school to university as a student, then became a teacher, then had my daughter, so that even when I left teaching, her school schedule ruled our family calendar.

So as much as January 1, this feels like a new year to me, a new year filled with valid reasons to visit office supply stores. Next to bookstores, is there any better kind of store than one filled with the possibilities inherent in new pens, ink and blank notebooks?

This September, for the first time in longer than I want to think about, I’m going back to school myself, beginning a Master’s degree. It’s exciting and not a little terrifying. I’ll be studying Family and Local History with the University of Dundee. I’ll post occasionally here about my experience of the program and of balancing grad school with life and work and writing and all the rest. Stay tuned!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some paper products to buy.

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