Query Tips From My Inbox

I don’t claim to be an expert on query letters, and I’m not a literary agent. But in my day job as a conference coordinator, I get a LOT of inquiries from people who are interested in being part of our conference. Most of these are perfectly reasonable emails, but by around this time every… Continue reading Query Tips From My Inbox

Writing Inspiration

Happy new year! I took a couple of weeks off over the holidays. I started out the month by accepting Nephele Tempest’s December writing challenge, in which you try to find at least fifteen minutes to write every day. It worked exceedingly well for me the first three weeks of the month, by which point… Continue reading Writing Inspiration

The Weight of Disorganization

Awhile back, I had great intentions of writing a blog post about the weight of disorganization. The irony of the fact that I still haven’t posted it hasn’t escaped me. It was a day when the accumulation of receipts, notes, meeting agendas, tickets to events, and whatever other random detritus had taken up residence on… Continue reading The Weight of Disorganization

Perspective and Inspiration

I’ve been sick this week, with the sort of chesty, sinus-y, feverish bug that knocks you flat and makes simply breathing enough of a challenge that working is out of the question. By yesterday, five days into this thing, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, sick of being housebound and of not being able… Continue reading Perspective and Inspiration

Letter Month Guest Post

Have you signed up for the Month of Letters yet? The delightful Mary Robinette Kowal’s annual letter writing challenge kicks off tomorrow. Check it out here: http://lettermo.com/ Today, I have a guest post on the Month of Letters blog about fountain pen love.

New Year, New Schedule

Happy new year! It’s taken me this long to settle in to my regular routine again after the holidays, and I’m not sure I’m there even yet. But I’m working on it. I’m not a resolution kind of person, exactly. But I do find the quiet days between Boxing Day and New Year’s, and between… Continue reading New Year, New Schedule

A Few Feel-Good Things

It’s nearly Christmas, and I’m feeling nostalgic for holidays past, and with that, am in the mood for touching stories. Thought I’d share a few things I’ve come across in the last few days. None of them are new, I don’t think, but with the exception of the last one, which is a holiday staple… Continue reading A Few Feel-Good Things

Reading What You Like

The following rant won’t be groundbreaking. I share the opinion of most thinking people I know on this topic, and many of them are stirred up about this today. But sometimes you have to speak up even when your voice is only one among the hordes. At the hairdresser this morning, the woman in the… Continue reading Reading What You Like

On Editing – Overused Words

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working flat out on a fresh edit of my current MS, triggered by editorial notes from my agent. I had hoped to be finished with this round of edits last Friday, but as writer friends will understand, these things have a way of taking on a… Continue reading On Editing – Overused Words

Fleeting Hours

Does anyone else ever wish they could put the need for sleep and food aside sometimes and stretch one day out for as long as it took to finish a big job? I am not at all averse to hard work. But every once in awhile, I AM daunted by just how long big jobs… Continue reading Fleeting Hours

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