On Being In Between

There are so many things that came to mind when I wrote the title for this blog post. I think we spend so much of our lives en route from one place to another, one stage to another, one goal to another, that “in between” is a fairly common state of being for most of… Continue reading On Being In Between

A Mostly Random Collection of Links

It’s a sleepy kind of day here, absolutely pouring rain, cold and grey, more like March than June, even here in the urban rainforest where I live. I’m feeling unproductive, so in a bid to get something useful done, I’m closing some links on my poor, overtaxed computer, the ones I’ve kept open with the intention of… Continue reading A Mostly Random Collection of Links

In Praise of the $5 Office

I don’t have a dedicated office. I have instead a variety of spaces in my house where I can work: a desk in the middle of my kitchen, a guest room where I can sit on the bed with my laptop for a change of scene, an elliptical trainer where I have Skype meetings and… Continue reading In Praise of the $5 Office