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Blue Monday

Apparently today is the blue-est day of the year, in terms of people's moods, at least here where it was a story on the news tonight. I'm not

Rod Stewart on Writing

Happy new year! The fact that I'm saying so on the 14th of January should give you some idea how busy the first two weeks of 2013 have turned

A Few Good Reads

With eleven days to go in 2012, it's entirely likely this list may change or at least grow before the end of the year. But I got thinking

Who are we?

The grey, drippy skies of a West Coast December invite reflection. It’s a time for philosophical discussions over warm beverages and taking personal inventory. At the moment, I’m


We remember. Both the men pictured here lived long after the war. But they served. We remember them, and all the others who have given their youth, their

Blogging at SiWC.ca today

I've gathered up some of the links to blogs written by this year's SiWC attendees about the conference and have posted them on the blog at the SiWC

Interrupting the crickets…

My good friend Tyner Gillies mentioned me in his blog post this afternoon. It didn’t occur to me until he posted it that agreeing to be mentioned meant

Blog Visiting

This is the busiest time of my conference year other than the conference itself, so I'm afraid my ability to string sentences together is rather impaired at this

Birthday Reflections

It’s my birthday. Back-to-school and my birthday always fall within a week or so of each other, so inevitably it’s reflection time, goal-setting time, a chance to figure

People Who Make a Difference

We all have them: those souls who, going about their daily lives, doing the best they can, change ours. Some of you who know me well have heard

First Day of School Blues

It’s the first day of school here in BC, and my girl is off to her first hour as a grade seven, king of the heap here, where

Chacun son goût

My next door neighbours are a couple in their eighties. They're the best possible sort of neighbours to have in lots of ways. They’re quiet, friendly, warm, and

Albums You Haven't Heard Lately

I don't know about you, but iTunes has certainly changed the way I listen to music at home. In the car, I'm usually a radio girl, so things

Memorable Reads

Read anything good lately? I’ve been making a bit of a dent in my TBR pile. That’s not to say I haven’t added more to the pile as

Reading Idiosyncrasies

I know people who always have several different books on the go, sometimes one for work, one for the car, one for home... I am not one of

On Being In Between

There are so many things that came to mind when I wrote the title for this blog post. I think we spend so much of our lives en

A Mostly Random Collection of Links

It's a sleepy kind of day here, absolutely pouring rain, cold and grey, more like March than June, even here in the urban rainforest where I live. I'm feeling unproductive,

In Praise of the $5 Office

I don't have a dedicated office. I have instead a variety of spaces in my house where I can work: a desk in the middle of my kitchen,

Lucky 7 Meme for Ev

The lovely Ev Bishop, a writer friend of mine, tagged me in this meme. Since I've been woefully neglectful of my blog, her tag seemed like as good

The Great Pen Name Debate

Once upon a time when the world was young and the internet only a gleam in some computer geek’s (or was that Al Gore’s?) eye, writing under a

Valentine's Day Links

I don't expect my husband to do anything for me for Valentine's Day. And not in that "I say I don't expect it but really I'm lying" way

The Month of Letters Challenge

The delightful Mary Robinette Kowal has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging all of us with our tech-heavy lives to slow down for a minute and send real mail,

Working and Waiting

So many areas of my life right now are all about waiting. It’s an occupational reality in both my jobs and happens to be the case in my


When I'm working - which I am a LOT these days - a few minutes wandering around the internet lets my subconscious work out problems - be they