Random Friday


Yesterday, I stopped for a hot chocolate and a few minutes of quiet work in between one meeting and another. By the time I sat down and opened my computer, I realized something very odd

Fleeting Hours


Does anyone else ever wish they could put the need for sleep and food aside sometimes and stretch one day out for as long as it took to finish a big job? I am not

On Barbara Park


You know, I hesitated to write this post today, because it's been five days since Barbara Park died, making it "old news" in internet terms, even if it is the first chance I've had to

The Games We Play


A couple of years ago, I really wanted to finish the manuscript I was working on. I’d hit the part of the year when my day job threatens to take over every waking moment, and

Welcome to the new site!


Hello, and welcome to my new digs. You'll notice a few changes from my old site, most notably that I'm now blogging under my pen name, Kathy Kenzie. For those of you who know me