Link love

I am lucky to count some pretty awesome writing women among my friends, and it just so happens that three of them have news to share. Vicki Pettersson, urban fantasy writer extraordinaire, has a shiny new website here. If you’re one of those people who likes to wait for a series to be complete before… Continue reading Link love

A cause for everyone…

Ever felt strongly enough about something to write a letter to the people involved? We all have our causes, sure. But every once in awhile, I’m reminded of just how varied those can be. One of the blogs I read from time to time is called Letters of Note. It’s a great place. Real letters,… Continue reading A cause for everyone…

Housework philosophizing

It’s a dark, rainy Sunday afternoon here in the Lower Mainland of BC. There’s a separation of clouds and ground today, but only just. I’m pretty sure I could reach up and touch the heavy gray weight of the drippy masses from my rooftop. It’s a perfect day for doing nothing, reading a good book,… Continue reading Housework philosophizing

Disbelieving Camera

It’s January 27, technically the depths of winter here in the northern hemisphere. But as all Vancouverites know, unless we’re hit with something unseasonable, we’re almost ready to head into spring in our fair city, regardless of what the calendar claims. Sure, it’s chilly and damp out there, and it gets dark way too early.… Continue reading Disbelieving Camera