Wherever you go…


I've been meaning to post this for a few days, but didn't get around to doing it. Do you read Ev Bishop's blog? If you're at all interested in writing, you should. Yesterday, over a

13000 days


I mentioned in my earlier post that I've been catching up on blogs and finding inspiration in other people's writing lately. Ever thought about how many days you have left in your life, if you're

Writing Through


I've been in a bit of a frustrating writing spot lately. It's one of those times when the disconnect between my brain and my fingers seems particularly noticeable. I have all this great stuff in

When good Photoshop goes bad


My husband's a photographer, and since the big switch to digital, we get into a lot of conversations about the manipulation of images. His approach is simply to take good pictures and then enhance minimally

Olympic Boos? Not in Canada


Apparently I'm not the only one missing the Olympics. All over the net, I'm running into blogs and articles and posts about the amazing two weeks here, and I'm not even out looking for them.

After the Olympics


Like many Vancouverites I know, I’m suffering a bit of Olympic withdrawal today. I sat down with my cup of tea first thing this morning, mentally all set for my morning Olympic update, and there