8 Things


I'm a bit slow with this one, but my friend Pam at A Novel Woman recently posted this and invited readers to participate, so I decided to give it a shot. And then I forgot

Books and music


Just came home from a Friday night outing to the bookstore. Does that sound pathetic? Probably not if you're one of my friends, who is just as likely to spend free time at the bookstore

If I didn't have you


I meant to post this before Christmas, but the time got away from me, and I missed the chance. And then I forgot. But when I was chatting with my friend kc dyer today, she

The Routine Life


We’re working on housebreaking our puppy at the moment. It’s awfully reminiscent of potty training a toddler: the adults learn to adhere to a new routine to promote success in the toddler, whether she’s human

Back from Away


Well, not away, exactly, but I was offline over the holidays, and am playing catch up today. Apparently not everyone went offline for a few days when I did; there's a lot of stuff out