Puppy update


Several people have asked me how the puppy’s doing, so here’s an update: In the four weeks we’ve had her, she’s just about doubled in size, from 5 ½ pounds to 9, and that was

Christmas Cards


I love Christmas cards. Okay, the truth is I love most of the cheesy, sentimental things about the holiday. But real mail, mail that doesn't come from the cable company, the power company or the

How's the weather?


Compuserve forum member and Surrey conference attendee Ev Bishop tackles the question of weather in fiction today at her blog, here. "Can you believe the rain" and conversations of that ilk may not have a

Some days, it just doesn't work


Today is one of just two days I have remaining before I'll be out of quiet writing time until the 4th of January when the school holidays are over. I have errands to run: I'm