It's been a busy week around here, as you may have noticed from the complete lack of attention I've given to this blog (and Facebook and Twitter, for that matter). Part of the reason came

It never rains…


The old adage holds true today, literally and metaphorically. It's pouring here, with twice the average monthly rainfall for November expected in just three days. I live in an urban rainforest. November isn't exactly noted

Remembrance Day


It’s Remembrance Day today. We sat together as a family and watched the CBC coverage of the ceremony at our nation’s capital, as is our tradition on this morning. I’m a total mush about the

One Singular Sensation…


I’m just back from seeing A Chorus Line at the Centre in Vancouver. I loved it. I saw the movie years ago, long enough to have forgotten pretty much everything except the premise and the

Falling Back


It’s that time of year again. Saturday night we got our extra hour, and now it’ll be dark before afternoon’s even had a chance to take hold. In the place I call home, at the